This is the portofolio page that introduces my personal projects to you. Also, please check out my linkedin profile.

Who are you?

My name is Kenzan Hase. I am a software developer that likes fishing, traveling, learning languages, and making apps for my personal project. I have traveled to almost 50 countries.

Audio Tour

AR and map app offering a spot’s audio guide, similar to how a museum audio guide helps you understand the works of art at a deeper level. (Website, App Store, Google Play, Github)


Fish planting schedule mail magazine compiling the updates from online sources for you to customize the subscription by waterbody locations, species, frequency you receive the email, etc. (Website)

Fastladder related Apps

Ladder Client

iOS client for an open source RSS Reader called Fastladder. Ladder Client provides more mobile-optimized experience comparing to just viewing the RSS reader on a mobile browser. (App Store, GitHub)

Fastladder Discover Feeds for Chrome

Google Chrome extension helping you discover RSS feeds on a website and subscribe them on your Fastladder. (Chrome Web Store)

Fastladder Push Pin for Chrome

Google Chrome extension adding the website you are currently browsing to your Fastladder pin list. (Chrome Web Store)

Trip Phrases

iOS app allowing you to learn trip phrases in 26 languages. You can imitate the text to speech or just let the local people listen to it if it’s difficult for you to pronounce the phrases. (App Store)

Avoid Crime

iOS navigation app helping you avoid the route there are more criminal activities through the graphical information on the map. (Github)