Install iOS Mapbox Maps SDK via Direct Download on CI Environment

To install iOS Mapbox Maps SDK, there are three options.

  • Carthage
  • CocoaPods
  • Direct download

As of May 2021, they haven’t supported Swift Package Manager yet. You probably end up with the direct download option when you adopt Swift Package Manager as your dependency manager.

The document offers the automated installation guide for Carthage and CocoaPods since they are CLI friendly. However, the direct download guide lets you manually download the file from the link only if you sign in to Mapbox dashboard on your browser. It is a bit different from how you directly download the SDK on CI environment.

Download the SDK by Shell Command

Fortunately, Mapbox provides the access token allowing you to set as the download URL query parameter.

Make sure your access token is granted the scope called DOWNLOADS:READ on your Mapbox dashboard.

access token

Then run the following shell command to download the zip file.

Preceding MAPBOX_DOWNLOAD_URL is the “Download for iOS” button’s URL that ends with ?access_token=YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN. For example, something like this.

mapbox maps sdk download link

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