Looking back at 2016

There is only a few days left in the year. I would like to look back on these two points.

1. How many 2016 resolutions I’ve accomplished
2. New challenges I started in 2016

1. How many 2016 resolutions I’ve accomplished

Here are my 2016 new year’s resolutions as I posted in the entry on my blog.

– To make more than four products.

As a result, I barely made it.

1. Smart Poster

Smart Poster is a prototype of square shaped digital signage implemented by Raspberry Pi and LED Matrix.

2. Youtube curation Apps

They are iOS Apps which curate one hobby genre of videos from Youtube. The Apps simply tell you the video updates by push notification. (チューバー Tubeレシピ Tubeボカロ Tube)

3. Audio Tour

It is an iOS App which offers an instant audio guide of the city’s landmarks, similar to how a museum audio guide helps you understand the works of art at a deeper level.


The coding is almost done. The San Franciscan version will be coming soon.

4. Chatbots

I am currently working on chatbot projects for my company. The projects let me learn server side applications under actual use.

– To pitch the products and win prizes.

This resolution was about 50% accomplished. I got a prize in the hackathon. However, it was hard for me to make a good presentation and make me motivated. I honestly think I don’t like presenting in front of many people. I leave the idea for now, and I will try when I really want to do so.

2. New challenges I started in 2016

– To acquire sustainable income through a side business.

The services that I made this year monetize by advertisements and in-app purchase. There are some points I learned by making them. These points have interesting possibilities. On the other hand, the monetizations do not easily make enough money in short period. I should work with business partners if needed.

– Learning Spanish.

I have learned Spanish since last May. I would like to be able to communicate when traveling to Spanish speaking countries. Although it is just fun, my Spanish has been improving so slowly, so I should set my goal next year.

I am staying in Albuquerque from the end of 2016 until the start of 2017. I will relax, and think about my 2017 resolutions.

Developer Week Hackathon 2016

Our team won a second prize at Developer Week Hackathon 2016 held on February 13th and 14th.

What is Developer Week Hackathon?

Developer Week is a tech event which includes a hackathon, workshops, and a conference & expo in San Francisco. In the hackathon, we had some sponsors that provided the technologies such as REST APIs. The participants use the technologies and suggest the use cases.


We were three engineers and a designer. Firstly, I tried hiring a random person. The first one I asked was a German guy. He introduced me to an Indian guy and an American girl. As a result, our team was international (Japan, US, Germany, and India).




The product concept was a digital signage displaying advertisement on it and an ads platform which allows you to reserve them via app. The digital signage was implemented by Raspberry Pi and LED Matrix.

My 2016 resolutions

2016 has come at last.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I have two and half resolutions. I would like to share them.

1. To make more than four products.

They are whatever I can make. For example, mobile apps, web apps, IoT devices, and so on. This resolution also works for sustaining and improving my skill.

2. To pitch the products and win prizes.

I would like to present them by myself because recently, I realized I have to be able to explain the things I want to make. I will participate in hackathons and meetups, and practice my presentation.

Finally, I want a girlfriend. It isn’t a joke. Haha. Well, I will give it a try.