Open a bank account in US

1. Go to a bank

I went to a local Bank Of America, and asked the staff to open a new account. He introduced me to a personal banker. The banker and I went to another room. For example, my name, address, purpose to open an account, and so on. I showed him my visa to certificate my identity. Then he explained the bank services. He said there were two choices of accounts. One is to pay a small amount of money every other period. The other is to deposit a bigger amount in two months. I chose the second one, and he immidiately gave me a temporary debit card.

2. Activate the bank account

About 3 days later, my permanent debit card came to my address. I called the number on the card, and followed the machine voice’s instructions. Then I purchased something using the debit card and activated it.


I’m starting an internship as a software engineer in San Francisco.

Prototype Engineer

As a software engineer, I make workable prototypes with IoT, wearable and sensor devices. We will suggest prototypes to local companies and send the information we learned back to the main company in Japan. Also, I might work as a test developer of the new device’s SDK, which is either the alpha or beta versions.

I respect a product designer. He talked about prototypes in his blog.

My work is to create prototypes. It makes the researcher’s dream a reality and allows us to experience the future just a bit earlier.

I’m getting so excited.


I’m @kenzan8000.

My favorite things to do are reading comics, surfing the internet and traveling. Recently, I started cycling. On this blog, I’d like to write about learning English, staying in San Francisco and making things.