Looking back at the first half of 2017

Time flies so quickly. The first half of 2017 has already passed.

There were some changes in the environment around me. I finished a job contract on last April, and renewed it for the same company. Then I went back to San Francisco on last May. Our department hired a new engineer intern. On top of that, another new guy will join our team in August. At the end of June, I flew to a conference held in Copenhagen for an exhibition. (Actually, the title picture was taken in Copenhagen.) It was a bit too busy to work on my 2017 resolutions. Now I would like to rethink the three resolutions.

Will continue with these two resolutions,

1. To make more than three products
3. To become an intermediate Spanish speaker

But switch from number 2 to 2′.

2. To get additional income through side business
2′. To fish more than 15 fish species

Well, I’m accidentally into sports fishing… I will focus on the easier resolution for now. It is so exciting to fish in ※California.




※California Halibut Regulations