Developer Week Hackathon 2016

Our team won a second prize at Developer Week Hackathon 2016 held on February 13th and 14th.

What is Developer Week Hackathon?

Developer Week is a tech event which includes a hackathon, workshops, and a conference & expo in San Francisco. In the hackathon, we had some sponsors that provided the technologies such as REST APIs. The participants use the technologies and suggest the use cases.


We were three engineers and a designer. Firstly, I tried hiring a random person. The first one I asked was a German guy. He introduced me to an Indian guy and an American girl. As a result, our team was international (Japan, US, Germany, and India).




The product concept was a digital signage displaying advertisement on it and an ads platform which allows you to reserve them via app. The digital signage was implemented by Raspberry Pi and LED Matrix.

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