How to get a bicycle on craigslist

I planned to commute by bike, so I was looking for one. This is how I found it on craigslist.

1. Surf on craigslist

Craigslist is a web site that lets users publish information about jobs, housing for sale, and things like that. You should be careful using it because not all information on it is reliable. It might be fake information and they may be trying to cheat you.

Firstly, I accessed the web site, and then I searched bicycle from the search box. Basically, the results shows some bicycles’ information that has the contact details too.

2. Contact the seller

You can contact them by the phone numbers or email addresses. I prefer using phone numbers because it’s quicker. I contacted the seller like this at that time.


3. Meet the seller

I went to the meeting point, and checked whether the bicycle worked well. Then I decided to buy it. It needed some maintenance, so I had to go to a bike shop, but that wasn’t bad for me.

Enjoy craigslist!

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