Bass Fishing in Bay Area


When you want to fish in an unfamiliar place, maybe your interest would be local regulations and ideal spots. This article introduces the information for Bass Fishing in Bay Area.

How to purchase California Sport Fishing License

You basically have to have a California Sport Fishing License for catching a large mouth bass in Bay Area. The license can be purchased by any person who is 16 years old or older. The fishing licenses can be purchased online or at any license agent or CDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) license sales office.

1. Purchase online

You can purchase the license via Automated License Data System online license sales and service. There are two types of customer that are called Guest or Registered Customer. You can purchase the license without the profile registration as a Guest but I would recommend you choose Registered Customer because the Guest is limited to purchasing most of the items. After purchase, you will receive the license documents in the mail within 15 days. You may use the confirmation PDF file for a self-printed temporary license before the license arrives at your address.

&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspCalifornia Fishing License &nbsp&nbsp&nbsp
Temporary License
2. License Agent or CDFW License Sales Office

Both the license agent and CDFW license sales office provide for the public sale of sport fishing licenses.

California Sport Fishing Licenses

Annual License
About $50 for a California resident.
About $140 for a non-resident.
Valid from January 1 through December 31.

One-day License
About $15 for both a resident and a non-resident.
Valid for one specified day.

Two-day License
About $25 for both a resident and a non-resident.
Valid for two consecutive days.

Ten-day License
About $50 for a non-resident.
Valid for ten consecutive days.

Finally, the license is validated with your signature on the bottom. Your sport fishing license must be in your immediate possession while fishing in California. Now you are ready to go bass fishing in Bay Area.

※ As of February, 2020.

Bass Fishing Locations in Bay Area

Here are the bass fishing locations in Bay Area. Some of the waters are managed by the park rangers. They take care of various dedicated task, e.g. examining the water quality, stocking rainbow trout, installing the well-maintained garbage bins, managing the car parking, working the general information desk, and so on. Most of the spots have a visitor center that sells a daily fishing permit allowing you to fish in the park, this may cost $5 a day. This means you must have a California Sport Fishing License and a daily fishing permit at the same time for fishing in the parks. The visitor center might also have boat rental, a baits and fishing gear shop, and even a cafeteria in the building. If you want to rent a boat, my advice would be to confirm by phone before you go there that there is still an available boat. You can check out the phone number from the official web sites on the map.

Other Spots

California Delta

California Delta is an inland river delta that connects the Sierra Nevada watershed with the San Francisco Bay. The distribution network consists of rivers, canals, and sloughs that include from fresh water to brackish water. The unusual environment makes it the habitat of so many species. e.g. different types of bass, particularly striped bass, catfish, steelhead, salmon, and sturgeon. Maybe bass anglers dream they’ll fish at least once in the waterways dotted with floating aquatic vegetation and riprap.

A small Striped Bass in California Delta

Clear Lake

Clear Lake is the largest natural freshwater lake in California that is located about 3 hours north of San Francisco by car. So many trophy fish catches have been recorded, like a 17-lb large mouth bass, a 4-lb white crappie, and a 33-lb channel catfish. The place is known as “the Bass Capital of the West” where numerous fishing tournaments and derbies are held throughout the year.

Large Mouth Basses in Clear Lake

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