Author: Kenzan Hase

Bathymetric AR App

On this blog post, I will introduce my side project called bathymetric-cam. bathymetric-cam is an iOS AR app visualizing depth contour of water. Motivation Have you ever wanted to know the water depth on the site? It may sound a bit weird to you but yes, I have. Especially for anglers, depth contour can be a hint to find the target species. Depth contour represents a line connecting points of equal depth on ocean or lake floors. If the contour lines spaced narrowly between one and another, it indicates that the area has the steep transition. This kind of spots is called drop-offs when the anglers target a certain type […]

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A Month of Quarantine in the US and Japan

San Francisco Apparently his tweet was deleted, but I am glad now he is aware that the problem existed. I appreciate your help and understanding Mr. Hashimoto. No distinction between clean and dirty. Very dangerous and scary. — 岩田健太郎 Kentaro Iwata (@georgebest1969) February 20, 2020 San Francisco Issues New Public Health Order Requiring Residents Stay at Home Except for Essential Needs – — Mayor London Breed's Press Office (@MyrPressOffice) March 16, 2020 In a Whole Foods. — Kenzan Hase (@kenzan8000) March 17, 2020 Mission Dolores Park on March 29th, 2020. Few people in SFO. Hand dryer was out of service. Flight from SF to LA on March […]

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